HydroCon provides customers with the supply of chemicals and equipment along with the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure effective and efficient application and/or installation ... Read more

HydroCon provides ongoing maintenance and management services to customers across a wide range of industries including Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Commercial, Chemical Processing ... Read more

HydroCon is regularly commissioned   to undertake assessments and evaluations of water treatment programs including sewerage treatment plants, industrial waste water, potable reuse ... Read more

HydroCon Services is a small yet reliable, highly skilled provider of water treatment and management solutions to a diverse range of industries throughout NSW. 


Offering on-site monitoring & preventative maintenance services, legionella risk management, wastewater treatment, boiler water treatment, water recycling & reuse, corrosion & scale prevention, water minimisation, industrial chemical cleaning, corrosion & scale prevention, raw water treatment and more, HydroCon guarantees its clients transparent, expert, cost-effective solutions to all water related issues. 


Hand in hand with water treatment services is the supply of products and equipment, which can often become costly for many businesses. HydroCon partners with a wide range of reputable suppliers to provide its clients with the most relevant, highest quality, best priced products and equipment in the marketplace. 

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